I answered “No” when asked whether to allow iHunter access to my location. How do I change my answer to allow location services?

You can open the Settings app on your iPhone, tap on Privacy, and then on Location Services. Make sure Location Services is turned on, and turned on for iHunter in the list of applications.

Will the regulations be updated every year?

Yes. As soon as we get updated regulations from the province, we will release them and push them to your phone (you will be prompted to update your regulations). Regulations cover the fall of the current year, and the spring of the following year.

I am upgrading to a new iPhone. How do I transfer all of my existing waypoints to the new device?

Apple provides a way to do this. First, you need to turn on iCloud Backup (Settings->iCloud->Storage & Backup->iCloud Backup->On) on the device you are moving away from. Leave the device for some time, to give it a chance to store the settings on the iCloud server. Then, on the new device, you can restore the app – Go to the App Store, select Purchases, and find iHunter. Download, and it should install the new copy (with all your waypoints).

You can also use the “Export Waypoints” option on the Settings page to package up your waypoints into a .ihunter file, and email them to yourself or friends. They can click on the file to import the waypoints into their app.

I have an iPad but I can’t find the iHunter app in the App Store. Am I still able to purchase it?

Yes. Currently, iHunter is only optimized for iPhones, but still works on iPad. To purchase, use the computer that you sync your iPad with to search for iHunter and download it. Then, connect your iPad to your computer, and sych it as you normally would, or install it manually.

Is iHunter available in other provinces or states?

iHunter is now available for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Follow us on twitter @ihunterapp to get updates when new releases or versions are released.

There are waypoints on the map that I didn’t add. How did they get there?

iHunter partners with companies that are of great assistance to hunters, to make it easy to find services they need (taxidermy, butchering, shooting ranges, etc). If you know a company that would be interested in partnering with us, or have feedback on existing partners, email us at info@ihunterapp.com.